I saw Dr Oyegbile-Chidi for my daughter who has ADHD and sleep apnea. When I first met Dr Oyegbile-Chidi, Jane was on 3 different ADHD medications and still was struggling staying focused in school. Dr Oyegbile-Chidi diagnosed Jane with sleep apnea and got the sleep apnea treated. Before long, she was able to reduce Jane’s ADHD medication. Now Jane is on a very low dose of the ADHD medication. Having a doctor that can treat both is amazing because I found out that ADHD and sleep are closely related and treatment of one always helps the other. My daughter is now on less ADHD medication because her sleep disorder is now well treated.  

– Shanna W.

After being mis-diagnosed for years by academic professionals and doctors, I met Dr. Temitope Oyegbile who assured me that I would get some answers this time. She made a preliminary diagnosis of Asperger’s and recommended further testing to confirm her diagnoses.  I was still unsure if she could help me because of failed attempts by other doctors.  For the first time someone had put a name to what was happening to me that made sense. Dr. Oyegbile was kind and gentle throughout the whole process. She never gave me any false assurances or talked down to me, she knew how communicate with me without making me feel she was controlling, yet still letting me know what I needed to do. Today I am a changed person and because of her the quality of my life has greatly improved. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

– Agnes H.

I couldn’t do without the Health Peak team. Both Drs Oyegbile and Oyegbile-Chidi helped me to get better. I have a mood disorder and my sleep was all messed up. Dr Oyegbile, the psychiatrist, helped me find the right medication so that my mood disorder is under much better control. Dr. Oyegbile-Chidi helped me figure out why my sleep was so off. I had seen several sleep physicians and kept being told that I don’t have sleep apnea, but I still had so much trouble sleeping. She helped me treat my insomnia and now I’m sleeping so much better! I am so glad to have this team behind me. I have finally been able to go back to work! Keep up the good work, Doctors!

– Maxie H.

I have epilepsy and sleep apnea. I had not been able to drive for 10 years because whenever I had a bad night of sleep and would have a seizure. I saw Dr O.C. for my seizures and she found that I had shift work disorder. She treated my shift work disorder and suddenly my seizures improved. I have now been able to drive for the last 6 months. I’m so grateful to Dr O.C. She is has been a life saver.

– Johnny P.

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